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IWantParts has been a client of Aller’s since its inception, and we have helped them build their social media presence from the ground up. is an e-commerce site that sells spare parts for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. They were looking to create a digital presence that was more than just a simple online store but rather a platform where users could come to find the exact part they needed.

To achieve this goal, we helped them set up their social media accounts and developed strategies that could help them reach out to their target audience – car enthusiasts.
We started by building a solid foundation for the business, which included creating a brand identity and designing a logo that incorporated their name and a play on words that would resonate with their target audience. We then built out their social media presence, creating Facebook and Instagram pages for the company as well as for the store location in Dubai.

The team created a series of Instagram reels to attract car enthusiasts. The reels were made up of images and video clips, showing supercars and other such vehicles. The reels attracted around 10k views over the course of the campaign.
Finally, we created an email marketing campaign that includes weekly offers sent out both directly to customers’ inboxes and through newsletters hosted on MailChimp’s platform (which they can also access via email).


Beauty Binge

Aller worked with Beauty Binge on their Instagram presence, helping them create a consistent tone by defining their design direction. We planned content and created several pieces of unique content per month.

In addition to this, successfully created TikTok’s with more than 67 thousand views, stayed up to date with social media trends and made creative blogs on Instagram stories. Aller helped with product photography for various campaigns. We have worked closely with the CEO to plan content and messaging for her personal account as well.

SNAP Trading

Aller helped revamped SNAP Tradings social media accounts with content designed according to their industry and target audience. We made sure the posts are relevant, engaging and strategic. We also created video materials in the form of promotional videos, training videos and tutorials. Our goal was to create videos that would increase visibility and engagement rates, strengthen brand image and increase the number of conversions into the company’s website.

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